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11 Ways to Show Value in Every Client Email and Meeting

A great project manager includes value in every client meeting and email.

Not just that milestones are getting hit, tasks are getting done, metrics are being achieved, but value above that.

How do you do that?

Before you look at showing extra value, first make sure everything in the account is going well.  Nothing can ruin trust like bringing new ideas when a project is off track.  Make sure:

  • Milestones are on time
  • Tasks are completed with excellence
  • No details have been missed
  • Scorecards or metrics are tending positive

If everything is in line, showing extra value will grow accounts, build trust, and skyrocket loyalty.  Your company looks great, your client wins, and you shine in your position.

Foundationally, make sure you are listening to your client.  This is important for project details, but also take note of personal events, the client’s industry trends, and the client’s internal opportunities/obstacles.

Once you are armed with that, there are several ways to find extra value for your client:

And to be clear, this value isn’t necessarily upsells or even things your company can fulfill.  You’re showing your client that you are looking out for them.

Information on your client’s competitors.  Make sure you know who their competitors are, and check out what they are doing regularly.

  • Did they launch new ads?
  • Are there any website updates/revamps?
  • Join competitor email lists for announcements.

Are there updates that can be made to their website?

  • What new pages would make sense to create?
  • What pages can be revamped?
  • Come up with some ideas for new lead magnets.
  • Point out if it’s time for a website revamp.

Get personal.  Let your client know you care about them as a person, pointing out value based on things they have said or what you’ve seen on social media.

  • Remember events like kids graduation, a concert they were going to, an upcoming anniversary.
  • Give them show/movie recommendations (only if you know their taste!).
  • Send a card or gift with something you know they would love.
  • Recommend a book on leadership, self-improvement, or anything they are interested in.

Add a bit of value to every meeting and every email, as much as you can…even little things.  You will see repeat clients, easier upsells, longer retainers, and a better career!

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Brian Chaney

Brian spent 14 years running a marketing agency, working with 100s of businesses and dozens of project managers and marketers.